1. You must be a member in order to play. Click here to sign up.
  2. Each player must have their own unique e-mail address and only one golfer per person is allowed.
  3. You need to be logged into your player account in order to request conditions and report scores.
    • Click on Login on the World Tour homepage.
    • Enter your Username and Password in the fields provided. BEWARE: Passwords are case sensitive.
    • Check the box, "Keep me logged in" and click the Log In button.
  4. Are you a new member or have you forgotten your username or password?
    • From the Login page click, Forgot your password?
    • On the next page enter the e-mail address you registered with.
    • You can also check your username from this page.
    • Click the Reset my password! button. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to reset your password.
  5. General Rules of Play:
    • Swing Meter Speed: Medium, Fast, or Very Fast.
    • The Mouse Swing Meter is not allowed. The 2-Click and 3-Click swing methods are the only allowable swing types for this tour.
    • Full Skill Settings are allowed relative to the Swing Meter Speed being used.
    • Gimmees are allowed and if used must be set to no more than 15 inches.
    • Max Score per hole set to 12.
    • Mulligans are not allowed.
    • The Black tees shall always be used.
    • Chipping on the greens is not allowed, except for the very rare occasions when a physical object obstructs your path to the hole.
    • RESTARTS or RESUMPTIONS for Offline play are not allowed and will result in disqualification.
    • Anyone caught cheating in any way, shape or form, risk being banned from the Tour.
  6. Tournament Procedure:
    • Visit the World Tour homepage and click on Details and Full Results to familiarize yourself with the reporting deadlines and the course(s) in use.
    • Tournament rounds can be played Online or Offline.
    • Each player MUST confirm the conditions prior to teeing off. From the homepage click on Request Conditions. Once everyone has confirmed they have the conditions play can begin. This rule does not apply to spotters.
    • You will have 90 minutes from the time you get conditions to reporting your score. If you have delays in completing your round within this time, email the event coordinator ASAP. Failure to do so will result in a one stroke penalty. Repeated violations of the time limit will result in disqualification.
    • Online players must keep a written scorecard with the score for each hole in case of disconnection. Play is to be resumed at the beginning of the hole where the connection was lost. You may score no lower than what your score would have been if you had made your last shot. For example, you are on the green getting ready to make a par putt when your connection is lost. When you start back up, even if you make a birdie, you must score it as a par.
    • All players must report their score immediately following the round. Online players are only required to report their scores and not those of playing partners.
    • To report, simply return to the World Tour homepage and click on the Report button to be directed to the Report Form. If you do not see the Report button, you probably need to login again.
    • Online players are only required to enter their stroke score. Enter the value in the input box provided, scroll to the bottom of the report form and click Submit.
    • OFFLINE reporting: Enter your stroke score as above, then click on the Browse button in the Game File section of the reporting form. Locate and select (double-click) your Game file for the round you just played and finish by clicking Submit.
      • In-game saving of Game files is available after completion of play and while viewing the scorecard. Right mouse click and from the list of options select, Save Game.
      • Name your file thusly: Player_Event_Round#_Score# (e.g. Joe_Masters_Rnd1_62). The .game extension will be added by default.
      • If you did not save your Game file as per the step above, not all is lost. Immediately, browse to the JN6 GBC Saved Files folder on your HD and rename the file. Upload this file from the World Tour report form.
    • Any player who uploads a Saved Game file that fails verification will incur the following penalties:
      • Score differs from that posted: One stroke penalty.
      • Incorrect playing conditions: One stroke penalty. This includes the rules for Gimmies and Max Score.
      • Wrong course used: Disqualification unless you contact the event coordinator ASAP.
    • Adding player comments and uploading of Round and Shot files is optional, but adds to the fun factor on the Tour. Additionally, submitting Round files allows other offline players to download and play against your Recorded Round.
    • The deadline for submitting rounds for all events shall be 10:00 PM Pacific (12:00 Midnight U.S. Central Standard Time), the night of the deadline.
    • Late reporting will result in an automatic disqualification. Players can contact the event coordinator with a reasonable excuse to have the DQ removed, but their score will be docked a one stroke penalty.
    • 24 hour extensions can be granted from the site except for the final round. Click on Details & Full Results, then the report icon for the round you want an extension for. Scroll to the bottom of the Report Form and click on the Extension button. Follow the same procedure if you wish to Withdraw from a tournament.
    • Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in disqualification from the tournament.
  7. The Honorable Guild of World Tour Membership:
    • It shall be the judgment of the World Tour administration that any player who exhibits repeated bad behavior on the Community Forums risk suspension from the tour for an indefinite period of time.

Any more clarifications and help with the process, please drop me a line at: